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Basic information about Libmonster

What is "Libmonster project"?

Libmonster is an international, multilingual, online network of national libraries. Libmonster opens local digital, web-based libraries for self-publishing for each country of the world. Each national library (see map above) is a unique collection of materials on history, culture, literature and science of a particular country. All materials (texts, multimedia, etc) are self-published by authors from all over the world. No pay, all for free (access & self-publishing). The main objective is global dissemination of scientific, cultural, educational information on the planet Earth.

Libmonster & Wikipedia

We are best friends with Wiki. We are not competitors but friends. Wiki gives a brief squeeze on any subject and helpful live links. On each issue Libmonster contains many full-text sources, including basic research published by different authors. We have a common goal but different approach.

Libmonster & Copyright

We respect Copyright Law like no other. In case of any violations of copyright, we remove the disputed content immediately. Libmonster's authors publish their own content. If someone places a rip-off, we remove this content, as it makes Youtube and other websites.

"Why should I self-publish content on Libmonster?"

To publish or not you must decide yourself.
Just remember that every day millions of hard drives, flash drives, computers become damaged. Humanity lose thousands of terabytes of data every day including brilliant articles, helpful books, incredible family photographs, unique publications. This information is priceless for Libmonster and for the World. Humanity needs to use this data. Also remember that no matter how much content you gave the Universe, the Universe will give you more.

There were many ... Shakespeares and Einsteins in the history of our planet Earth. But Humanity knows only one Shakespeare and only one Einstein. Where are the others? They died in oblivion. And their work today "gathering dust" in basements and attics or on older computers, which today are at a city dump. Think over it.

We offer a simple way to make useful information immortal for ages. Just add your scientific, educational, cultural data to the digital collection of Libmonster project. You can publish any useful content at Libmonster: texts, photographs, audio, video, polls, files etc.


Each national library is translated into a local language. We recommend that authors make brief annotations in any language of international scientific communication (primarily - in English). However, each full-text publication has a built-in automatic translator that allows anyone to understand the meaning of any publication.

"Author can publish his\her material for free. What else can an author get for free?"

The author can get everything for free. Each author has full access to approximately 1,000 built-in functions. All for free: unlimited publication functions, discussions, notifications, data storage etc. Welcome to Libmonster! Welcome to the new World!

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