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What a wonderful time we live in! Today knowledge is power. Real power! Libmonster makes Humanity stronger. We make You stronger. We share knowledge all over the world. And we invite You to a New World! Become stronger (read!) and make stronger others (publish!). It's free. Forever free! Libmonster.

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Publish articles, books, essays, research, multimedia files, presentations, abstracts, dissertations, poetry & prose, maps, scientific papers.

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Read articles, books, essays, research, multimedia files, presentations, abstracts, dissertations, poetry & prose, maps, scientific papers.

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Libmonster is the best place in the Net for storing of scientific and literary works.


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    More than 15 years we create and develop digital libraries. We know that authors need. And we are ready to offer authors a unique tools for self-publishing of materials in spheres of science, culture and history.

    Just forget other sites for self-publishing. They are outdated compared to Libmonster. Spend 30 seconds on a quick registration to verify this.

  • A unique Meeting Place

    Libmonster is a unique meeting place for educational, scientific, literary and business communities, and also for students of universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutions.

    Libmonster is a leader of the online self-publishing process, bringing together scientists, professors, writers, publishers, students, researches, archivists and investors.

All Formats

We support all file formats: text, MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, images etc.

Multimedia Center

Authors can publish unlimited video, music, image files.

Feedback System

Collect, select and approve feedback messages from site members and publish it on the site.

Groups & Communities

Create and manage groups, with admins, forums, social features, photos and other media.

Powerful Forums

Advanced discussion forums with categories, rating & moderation.

Ultimate Blogs

Personal blogs with individual categories, photos and social features.


Upload, share, manage and publish documents and media for download.


Full customization for users' profiles + wall with user's events.

Events & Ads

Create and manage events & ads, with dates, attendants, media & forums.


All membership functions. Stay connected with your favourite users!

Page Access Control

Setup content, navigation and blocks visibility settings for different users.

Polls & Ratings

Create Poll questions and display community replies with visualised graphs.

Chat & Messengers

Chat & text messenger for quick communication. Displayed in member menu and always handy.

Timeline & Outline

Aggregated content and updates browsers in profiles, accounts and site homepage.

World Map for all events

Browse site members and published content on the world map, with grouping and zooming.

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